Dear Appraisal Related Website Administrator:

As the administrator of and I have a cost-free proposition for you to consider. As a website owner, I am sure you know that attracting visitors to your site is not as simple as just submitting your site to the search engines or printing your web address on your existing marketing materials. It takes much more. In my research on search engine success I have discovered that 'Link Popularity' is one of the most important factors.

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1) Visit my site at and click on the Real Estate Professionals text in the left navigation.

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For example:
a. http// . . . .or
b. ABC Appraisal Company – Serving SE Ohio for all of you appraisal needs

4) Finally, add OUR reciprocal link (see below) to YOUR website and e-Mail me when it's posted. Serving all of your appraisal needs in N.W. Ohio and S.E. Michigan Since 1987

Thanks for listening and please let me know if you are interested in linking to Draheim Appraisal Company.


Stuart Draheim